Pool Owners On Swimply

26:02 PM · Aug 18, 2022
Hi Hello! I’m Jacqui from Fresno, CA and I’ve been helping Fresnans escape the summer heat since July 2021. I love reading the reviews of how much guests have enjoyed my space and making new memories. Being a stay at home Mom of 2 it got kind of lonely, but since hosting it’s been such a blessing for me as I can take care of my babies while making money and meeting new people at the same time. I love Swimply!
Hi! My name is Dayla. I live 30 miles East of Los Angeles CA. On December 23, 2021 my husband had brain surgery to remove a softball size tumor. Because of this, he has been unable to work. Shortly after his surgery, I received an advertisement from Swimply saying I could earn money for renting out my pool. I couldn't do it right away because I had to take my husband to a lot of doctor appointments & rehab etc. In July, I was finally able to start. My first booking was on the 4th of July! The money I have made has been a huge relief. I'm still new and learning but I've really enjoyed the whole experience. I've enjoyed meeting new people and I'm glad I can help others get some relief from the heat! Thank you Swimply for helping me by relieving some financial stress.
David Beecroft
We’ve been hosting for a little over a year and it’s been so fun to meet people and hear back about how much our space does for them! Some don’t have access to a hot tub and need it for the therapy. Some could use a little time away from everything, but one thing is common: they all value having a private, neighborhood resource for some much needed water therapy!
I've been a Swimply host since July of 2022. My Swimply is located in Crete, Illinois. This started out as a way to make a few extra bucks to assist with pool maintenance and etc. However, the joy on the guests face has changed my outlook. I had a church conduct a baptism service in my pool. The guests of that booking was so appreciative and nice it touched me. I consider Swimply to be a blessing in many ways I never expected. I truly appreciative.
Tanya Shanks
We are the Shanks from Springfield, MO! We have been Swimply Host since July 2022 and are loving every minute of it! Meeting new people and becoming friends with our repeat swimmers has been a true joy! Listening to the laughter coming from the pool area has put new life in our pool! We didn’t know what Swimply would do in our little town, but our swimmers say they love it and are making lots of memories! Thanks Swimply for allowing us to host great people and create an atmosphere for families to make lots of memories!! Best side hustle ever!!!
Joy Hassler
I have been a host for 3 years and it’s been a very lucrative side hustle for me and my family. Unlike Airbnb where you have to strip beds, clean, and do laundry my average “clean up” time is less than 20 minutes. While I’m watching TV or cleaning my house in a Saturday I can clear $500 easily. We are averaging 1500- $2500 a month and only rent on the weekends. It’s a great way to make money for projects around the house (like building an outdoor bathroom) and to cover all my pool maintenance costs. Chemicals, new pump, robot vacuum, etc. We absolutely love Swimply and many of our repeat guests have become friends over time. ~Joy
Beverly H
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57:48 AM · Aug 19, 2022
My wife and I moved to Portland, Oregon during COVID and our new house needed tons of major repairs that we were not expecting. One day while we were out, our video doorbell showed us a package at our door. When we got home we saw that it was from Swimply, inviting us to become Swimply Hosts. COVID had shut down my business and after checking out Swimply online we decided to give it a shot. We are doing Swimply for almost exactly one year now and I've got to tell you that it has saved us. Granted, we are well positioned here in Portland with one of the only indoor, climate-controlled heated chlorine swimming pools large enough to host parties of 60+ people AND if you count our courtyard and backlot we can host well over 100 people comfortably ALL YEAR LONG. I can honestly say that Swimply has been a God-send for us and if you own a swimming pool I sincerely urge you to give Swimply a try. You will be glad you did.
Julie Braun
Hi I’m Julie from Novato, CA. I’ve been using Swimply since August of 2020. My husband and I were both at home since we work in the hospitality service and everything was put on hold, due to the pandemic. With no end in site and trying to figure out how to keep up with our mortgage, bills etc.,without dipping into our savings, along came Swimply to save the day! I started receiving requests just days after. Pretty soon it was my full time job. Hearing kids out in the backyard laughing and having fun was a reward all in itself! Now that I’m back to work, I’ve decided to take summers off to continue hosting on Swimply. It’s definitely paying off!
Hello from the Bykov Family. We’ve been hosting on Swimply for 2 years. We love providing a fun and friendly space for guests to swim, relax, and celebrate various events. Swimply has been a great way to help earn some extra income for our growing family. I’d recommend Swimply to anyone who wants to share their space with others while earning addition income.